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Our Mission: Arden Alliance Management is dedicated to supporting your WISP in every way we can so you can spend more time doing what you love.

Arden's Story

In order to understand how Arden Alliance Management came to be, you must hear the history of its owners first! The owners of Arden have at least 30 years of combined experience working and running WISPs. Their natural eye for the industry and business development has resulted in growth from 1,300 customers to 12,000 within 6 years. That’s not unheard of for this group of guys!

After repeatedly growing WISPs to an almost “larger corporation,” they wanted to get back to their original roots - small WISPs! So, they teamed up and built their own WISP from the ground up! In the mean time they picked up consulting on the side whenever other small WISPs wanted to follow suit but needed a little help along the way. That entrepreneurial spirit is what the Arden’s owners can strongly relate to!

Not 2, but 3 WISPs later, they realized they had 3 small sets of employees (ones for each company) and it was getting tricky to keep things organized. Though each WISP was unique, the systems, training, and information were generally the same! To streamline their ownership, they searched near and far for a call center service they could outsource to. But, unfortunately, they never found one that had fair pricing, flexible processes, and kept the intimate feel of a local WISP.

Knowing they already had great employees, they decided to pull together their resources and to make one call center for all 3 companies! The call center staff included engineering, sales, and billing. It simplified their efforts while keeping their intimate team and the integrity of the company. They called it, Arden Alliance Management.

Shortly after making this successful change, Arden got a referral from an ISP billing software company for a small WISP that was desperate for call center help. Arden was reluctant as they never intended to resell their call center services. But, since they can’t resist an opportunity to help out another WISP, they gladly accepted. (Spoiler alert: that company has been utilizing Arden’s services ever since!)

Arden began to get more and more interest in their call center services! Arden realized they could offer something extremely unique to the WISP industry: a smaller, intimate company, with highly trained and friendly staff, that's willing to customize their processes and work with you one on one. This value proposition was something they knew they could confidently stand by. That’s when Arden decided to go more public with their call center services.

Arden is dedicated and determined to keep its reputation as a true extension of your company. They pride themselves on their highly trained staff; they can do tier 1-3 technical support in their sleep, Sales is absolutely killing it, and Billing is easy-peasy! In fact, “The same staff that answers the phones for your company are the same that answer the phones for our original 3 WISPs,” explained Nathan Fillmore (Co-Founder & CEO).

Arden has built small teams that only serve so many companies to maintain that small, local feeling while providing overflow agents for when your company has a spike in call volume. Arden has an onboarding process like none other; they work with their companies to customize the Decision Trees and scripting to fit your company’s wants and needs. They like to work in the same programs that you do so their agents can see what you see! Whether that be Tower Coverage, Sonar, Preseem, Powercode; you name it - they know it.

As Arden’s need for call center services has grown, so has the request for consulting and management services! They now publicly offer a wide range of consulting and management services from Network and Wireless Engineering to Installer Training and even Marketing Services; the most popular being 24/7 NOC Support! Their motto is: "If we've successfully done it before then we can help you do it too!" Arden is truly here to support other WISPs in any way they can, whether that is through their management services or call center services - they are here for you!

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